Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortals ever dared to dream before”
The Raven,
Edgar Allan Poe
Self-defining is hard, most of all when you still don't really know who you are.

You can't say that I'm customary: I'm the kind of person that has many simultaneous interests; all these years I've tried to figure out who I was based on how spontaneous and committed I was in my passions. I've spent almost all my teenage years over a drawing table, listening to music and drawing, oozing the moon, in awe, to find inpiration. I wanted to become a cartoonist, the kind that could take you to fantasy worlds and make them feel like home. For a while that was my northern light. But in order to find yourself you have to loose yourself first. That's when I started plonging deeper and deeper into art: poetry had a soothing and exciting effect on me, I used to close my eyes and let voices and actors influence my mind, books took me flying to different worlds, in short any artfield was essential to feed my creativity. Art's shadows and lights always kept me good company.
Creativity let me understand art, and my sensitivity let me fall in love with it.
I was obsessed searching my purpose in life, I searched any art field you can think of, but there was only one way for me.

When I was a child I caressed an idea all little girls have: I wanted to sing. I used to sing constantly, so much that my mom, when I was seven, took me to singing lessons. An during my first lesson my teacher noticed that I had a rare and precious gift: I have perfect pitch. The teacher suggested to study an instrument too.

That's when the piano became a good friend of mine. I took singing lessons only as a child, then I let my musical instinct flow free, and my ear and my piano were the only teachers and supporters. So my only way was, and still is singing: in music and singing I pour my very essence, to me every expression, every feeling and every emotion become sounds and colours. I still cherish a lot of my former passions, even though I'm a little dispersive... Music is the only thing that I managed to hold on to. My biggest ambition is to be able to draw everyone into my fantasy world, or at least those that come close enough to be able to see its sounds and colours. I hope that my music will tell you more than I've done 'till now.  Only this and nothing more."

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