Growing up musically with "bread & metal", he began to play bass guitar at the age of 16, trying to emulate sacred monsters like Cliff Burton, Steve Harris and Geddy Lee.

Born in Reggio Calabria, in the south of Italy, he lived near the city until he was 22. He completed his studies in electronic engineering at the universities of Reggio Calabria and Pavia, in northern Italy, where he moved in 2004. After playing the clubs in Pavia and its environs with different bands, he joined up with Deimos, Europe’s only tribute to Gamma Ray, playing gigs all over northern Italy until mid-2010.

His intense live activity from 2008 to 2010 greatly expanded his experience, allowing him to work with such excellent artists as Roberto Tiranti and Morby as Raffaele Albanese's 5th Element bass player and getting him started with Chakrah, a well known northern-Italian band.

WebSite: www.santoclemenzi.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/santo.clemenzi

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